Solo Mission, Day 5

Back from a quick overnight to Muskoka where I spent the night with some good friends, some of them humans, some of them liquids. You’ll be pleased to know that I had the foresight to put myself to bed when I took it upon myself to use a BBQ lighter to light my host’s electric candles. Oops. Took my time getting home with a few stops at some old haunts including the Muskoka Store where I purchased nothing.* Batteries recharged, head pounding slightly, I returned home to a somewhat less green pool and NO ONE WORKING ON THE BASEMENT. Grrrrr….. Now enjoying a mommy and Harmony night with toe painting, hair braiding and chicken finger eating. Perfection. I miss L like crazy but Harmony is confused as to “why she has to come back.” Perhaps she thinks we are renting Leila part time for her amusement?? Must deal with that in short order. And in other sibling rivalry news, this is happening right now.


I guess this is Austin’s way of saying she would prefer Sam find another place to sit.

*Total lie.


3 thoughts on “Solo Mission, Day 5

  1. I love your blog/updates! They make my day! Don’t know how you find the time but please keep doing them. Xo

  2. Oh my goodness, you do make me laugh! Thank you so much for that, as my family will assure you; I have been quite Bit#*y lately! They owe you some “Kim” for making their life a little kinder:) keep up the great work Mom! Looking forward to much more “wine & smarties”

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