Nothing says “Bon Voyage” like a penis pool

Yesterday we said bon voyage to my brother Paul and his wife Aja. They are moving to PARIS next week!! Happy for them because, duh, it’s PARIS and sad for us because the girls and I love hanging out with them. Fortunately Harmony appears in 97% of their wedding photos so they won’t be able to forget us even if they try. I have a feeling they might renew their vows in Europe just to get a new set of snaps.

Party crasher

Miss H photobombs Paul and Aja’s wedding

So in true Miss H fashion, we spent yesterday afternoon saying “see you soon” instead of “goodbye”. The kids enjoyed the world’s most epic blow up pool imported specially for the party. Note the red and yellow penises protruding from the rainbow in honour of World Pride. Supposedly they were for a ring toss but who wants to throw rings on a penis?

Fun fact … at $90 this pool cost $44,910 less than the swamp in our backyard.

Suck it Mr. Turtle

Suck it Mr. Turtle

The cousins

Who spiked the juice boxes? No one, unfortunately.

Party time

Stay still dammit

So now that we have 2 sets of amazing aunts and uncles in Europe, we will definitely be making a trip across the pond as soon as we finalize Miss L’s adoption and can get her a passport. See what I did there? It’s in writing. ON THE INTERNET. Daren can’t say no now. And did I mention it’s our 10th anniversary next September??

Is that President Business in front of the Louvre?

Is that President Business in front of the Louvre?



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