Solo Mission, Day 6

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise

Hard to believe Daddy’s been gone 6 days and they’re just playing the second game now. At this rate he should be home before the girls start school in September.

Today was the second-last class of the term at gymnastics. It’s also known as parent’s day or “Mommy! Mommy look at me! Mommy! Watch this! Mommy! Over here! Moooommmmmy!!!!” Day.

Watching this class was yet another reminder that I’ve got “that kid.” You know, the one who rolls around on the floor while the rest of the group is sitting quietly waiting for instructions. The one who’d rather star jump off the balance beam and land on her face than execute the perfect dismount. The one who refuses to wear a ponytail and sometimes underwear. I could go on. Or I could just post this photo.

Exhibit A

H waiting for her turn. Lying down. On the floor.

Most of the time I love her free spirit but I shudder to think about what this will look like at 12, 16 or 22. I’m pretty sure my girl will be straddling the line between independence and willful disobedience for most of her life. I don’t sweat the hair or the clothes, and occasionally I pretend not to notice the underwear, and I fully expect her to go through whatever the 2023 version of a punk or goth phase is. (Or worse, Le Chateau). But I know that I will love her fiercely no matter what. I mean come on, look at that face!!

My girl

My girl



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