Solo Mission, Day 9

Today, Day 9 of my captivity, I was forced to confront the …ahem… long list of things around the house I cannot do. These include hanging pictures, changing pot lights, resetting the cable box, adding (the proper amount of) chemicals to the hot tub, barbecuing, changing the flat tire on my bike, fixing the chain on Harmony’s bike, transfer the playlist I spent an hour making onto my &!%$ iPod.

As for pooper scooping the backyard, this belongs on the list of things I CAN do but choose not to. Just don’t come over until Daren gets home and it will be fine.

In my defence, there are some things I’m pretty darn good at. These include ensuring the children are always clean,

Don't worry, it's chocolate

Don’t worry, it’s chocolate

Keeping track of all the animals,

Which way to the pool?

Which way to the pool?

Ensuring we are properly dressed for school,



and most importantly, ensuring a healthy breakfast is enjoyed by all.

Four food groups? Check.

Four food groups? Check.

Yup, on balance I’d say things are going pretty darn well. Take your time Daren, I got this.








3 thoughts on “Solo Mission, Day 9

  1. OMG…………..thank god I have no abs, ’cause if I had the, they would hurt like hell from laughing.

  2. Whenever Pearse says “don’t worry I got this” it never ends well! Hope it is a better meaning for you 🙂

  3. Hey Jen…glad I’m not the only iPod playlist challenged gal around!
    So happy for you to have the girls together (Aja spread the news and told me about your blog). You may need to rename it A gallon of wine and 3 pounds of smarties! Enjoying your posts a lot…hope you’re finding a bit of sanity in between the lovely craziness!

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